Examination Schedule and Promotion Rules


Examination Schedule and Promotion Rules

Evaluation is as important as teaching. The unique evaluation system of DAV is devised to develop in the child the habit of being regular, systematic and methodical. These evaluations serve as incentives to hard work and have their diagnostic value both for the teachers and the taught and spread knowledge and learning. Emphasis is laid on objectivity of the concept and the various skills associated with the concept of teaching and learning. Question papers are set to make the examination reliable and comprehensive. The activities ,projects and home tasks are given special weightage for promotion.

A student is required to score a minimum of 33% in individual subject and also in aggregate to be declared promoted. In this regard the amended rules from CBSE, New Delhi will be applied for classes VI to XII.
As CBSE abolished the CCE scheme from session 2017-18, the examination schedule has been re- designed for the classes V to X. The promotion of a student will be based on the amended rules from CBSE which may be circulated by the school time to time

#Evaluation for classes LKG to II will be carried out at the school level as per the guidelines of DAV CAE New Delhi.
#For Classes III and IV four Unit Tests will be conducted at the School level each covering 25% of syllabus.
Examination Schedule: Class III & IV


Name of the Examination

Academic Period

Tentative Schedule of Test



1st Unit Test

Mar. to Jun-2018

4th week of June

Open House in the 1st week of July


2nd Unit Test

July to Aug-2018

2nd week of Sept

Open House in the 3rd week of Sept


3rd Unit Test

Sept to Nov-2018

4th week of Nov

Open House in the 1st week of Dec


4th Unit Test

Dec to Feb-2019

1st week of Mar

Open House in the 3rd week of March

Examination Schedule : Class V to XII
(May be modified as per the guidelines of DAV CAE and CBSE)


Name of the Examination

Proposed Month




Pre-Mid Term
(Class V to X)

July-Aug- 2018

24 July-04 Aug 2018

At the discretion of the school
(30 % of Syllabus)


Mid Term
(Class V to XI)

Oct- 2018

3rd -15th Oct 2018

Zonal Examination (except class X)
60 % of syllabus, Class XI (40 % of syllabus)


Post-Mid Term
(Class V to IX)


10th to 22nd Dec 2018

At the discretion of the school
(90% of syllabus)


1st Pre-Board
(X & XII)


10th to 22ndDec 2018

Zonal Examination
(100 % of syllabus)


(For class IX,X & XII)


8th to 18th Jan 2019

Zonal Examination
(100 % of syllabus)


Annual Exams
(Class V to IX & XI)



As per directives from DAV CAE (for Class VIII, IX, & XI and zonal for Class V to VII)


CBSE Board Exam



As per directives from CBSE for Class X/XII

Total working days - 216
Exam (30) + Revision (20) -050
Balance -166 days for 100% syllabus 16.6 days for 10% syllabus

*All the examination dates are tentative and subject to change as per the directives from competent authority.
**For Class IX, two periodic tests (pre & Post mid term) with 30% and 90% syllabus will be conducted at the school level while the 2nd periodic tests covering 60% syllabus and the Annual Examination with 100% weightage will be conducted as common zonal examination.
***For Class X 1st & 2nd periodic tests covering 30% and 60% syllabus will be conducted at school level while the 3rd periodic tests covering 100% syllabus along with one Pre-board with 100% syllabus will be conducted as common zonal examination. Best two performances out of three-periodic tests will be considered for awarding Internal Assessment of the student.
****Incase of Class XI, School will conduct at least four monthly tests at school level.
# The deficiency in working days which may arise due to specified functions in a school like Sports/Annual Day/Conduction of inter school activity etc. must be compensated at the school level by organizing extra/remedial classes.